Smart Ways of Preventing Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the new epidemic diseases that is currently spreading like bush fire all across the globe. Modern lifestyle habits are the leading causes of the many cases reported. This is a medical condition whereby a patient has high blood pressure. Stroke, kidney disease, and heart attack are some of the diseases that patients suffering from this ailment are highly susceptible. While it is barely impossible to take full control of blood pressure, embracing healthy lifestyle habits can prevent this condition.


Read on to learn ways of preventing high blood pressure without breaking the bank.

Watch your Body Weight

Excess body weight is the primary cause of this condition according to a recent study conducted by World Health Organization. People are overweight should come up with ways of cutting back the weight to the recommended level. Taking part in physical exercises such as running, weight training, and swimming can help lose weight by increases the metabolic rate, that is, the rate at which stored fat is converted into energy.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Eating plenty of healthy foods will go a long way to ensuring that blood pressure stays in check. Vegetables and fruits that are packed with potassium will not only enhance the immune system but also maintain optimal metabolism. Cut back intake of foods that have a high calorific value, fat, and sugar, as most are converted into fat and stored along the blood vessels leading to a significant increase in blood pressure.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Unknown to most people is that alcohol has a negative impact on blood pressure. This is because most are packed with calories, which if not utilized are stored in the body.

Take Part in Physical Exercises

Get active to live a hypertension free life. There is no shortage of physical exercises that one can take part in twice or thrice per day. The more exercises one does, the better, but even simple activities such as walking to work instead of taking the bus will go a long way to reducing the risk of this disease. During the initial stages, participate in moderate exercises for 20-30 minutes at least twice per week to get the body ample time to be acquainted with the exercises. Note that taking part in high-intensity exercises the first weeks can lead to injuries.

Reduce Intake of Salt

Studies have proved that maintain a low sodium diet helps to moderate blood pressure. Consumption of foods packed sodium will increase blood pressure significantly. Avoiding processed foods and those foods with high sodium content will cut back salt intake.

Clearly, it is possible to prevent hypertension by making life-changing decisions gradually. Virtually all the proposed tips are easy to apply and inexpensive.


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