Pro Tips on How to Maintain an Air Conditioning and Furnace System

An air conditioning system and modern furnace will add immense value and comfort to your home. Just like any other electrical appliance, they both need to be well maintained to enhance their efficiency and longevity. Here are some pro tips from experts on how to maintain an air conditioning system and furnace.

Spend Money on Regular Maintenance Services

There is a number of professional HVAC and furnace repair experts who have the skills and expertise required to carry out diagnostic tests to determine the functionalism of the system as well as uncover hidden flaws. It is recommendable to seek these services before the summer season comes to an end to save time and money on repairs during winter.

Check the Thermostat

The main role of the thermostat is to automatically which off and on the system depending on the current temperature inside your home. For instance, if you set it to turn on the furnace when the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it will do exactly that if it is functioning properly. If it is faulty, it will fail to switch the system on or off. Hence, it is important to ensure that the thermostat is correctly calibrated and working properly. Otherwise, your system will overwork leading to high electricity bills.

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Check the Ducts

The air duct is a special tubing that helps to connect the HVAC to every room in your house. Overtime, dust and other forms of debris accumulates inside causing the system to overwork and use more energy to heat and cool the rooms. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to carry out maintenance checks periodically in order to get rid of debris and seal any leaks if any. Note that leaks lowers the overall efficiency of the system and prevent air from been properly distributed in the rooms.

Check the Seals

They are made from a delicate material that easily breaks when exposed to high moisture conditions. To seal the cracks, you can use a mastic tape or any other take that is durable and capable of withstanding fluctuating temperatures without shrinking. That said, all broken or faulty seals that are beyond repair should be replaced with new ones.

Ensure your Home is Properly Insulated

Spray foam is one of the best insulation materials that you can use to prevent loss of heat from your home. If there are hot spots inside your home during summer or feel cold drafts during winter, chances are that the insulation material is not in good shape. Hire an expert to check and improve the insulation to cut back your cooling bill.

Change/Clean the Filters

The primary role of the filters to protect the internal components of your furnace from dirt and debris. Accumulation of dirt on interior parts of the furnace will lower its efficiency and double your electricity bill. Hence, it is recommendable to clean the filters more often to get rid of the debris that is trapped on them. According to a study conducted by, replacing a faulty filter with a new one can reduce your energy consumption by up to 15%. They are very affordable but must be installed by an expert who has the required equipment and skills.

Clean the Furnace and HVAC

When cleaning other parts of your home, you need to spend time on your furnace and HVAC. As mentioned earlier, accumulation of dirt and other forms of debris can compromise their functionalism. Be sure to first switch and disconnect the systems from the main power socket to avoid being electrocuted. More importantly, you should not try to dissemble the system if you do not have the necessary skills, as a simple mistake can lead to a complete shutdown of the system.

Carrying out the above maintenance practices will definitely make your home more environmentally friendly and comfortable. If you discover the system is not working properly, go ahead and hire a professional HVAC or furnace repair company to get utmost value for your time and money.



The Various Tree Removal Safety Precautions

Tree removal is one the most invaluable services to homeowners, real estate developers, as well as business that  have an outdoor spaces. At times, it is necessary to cut down a tree for various purposes such as creating space for an outdoor structure, prevent further damage to existing structures, or make way for installation of a utility such as electricity cable.

You do not have to do the hard work; there are professional tree removal companies that can help you remove the tree safely and at an affordable price. Some of the factors that you should consider when looking for such a company include reputation, legal accreditation, reliable, type of technology they use, cost, insurance, level of professionalism, and quality of their services.

Below are some of the precautionary measures that the best tree removal companies take to protect their personnel, clients, and the property around the site.

Figuring out Where the Tree will Fall

This is one of the most important decisions that the service provider has to make become embarking on cutting down the tree. Most of the trees have a tendency of leaning in one direction or another and this makes it possible to predict the area it is likely to fall. The best spot or drop zone should be level, it may cause damage to other things in the landscape if it falls on a slope and rolls downhill.


tree removal


Sound It

This basically refers to knocking against the tree using an axe to know if the tree is hollow. If you do not hear any echo, the tree is live and may require special skills and equipment to cut it down. On the other hand, if it sounds hollow, it may be dying or dead so great care should be taken when cutting it as it can fall in any direction. It is recommendable to do this test at different heights and points to choose the ideal action.

Make a Horizontal Cut

Ideally, it should not be more than 1/3 the width of the tree’s trunk and should be lower than your hip. It is also important to note that most trees fall perpendicular to the horizontal cut.

Wedge Cut

The tree removal expert should put a stick on one side of the horizontal cut to ensure that the cut is straight. If done correctly, you will end up with a slice of wood that resembles the normal orange slice. With this cut there are no restrictions, you can make the cut  below or at the top of the previous cut.

Back Cut

The magnitude of this cut is dependent on the size of the holding wood. What is holding wood? This refers to the wood that governs the direction that the tree falls. In order to increase the chances of the tree falling on the dead zone, make the cut thick. In addition, to get the best results this cut should not be less than one and a half inches above the previous horizontal cut that you made. It is also important to mark the point on the tree that you want it to terminate to be on the safe side.

Prepare to Run Away from the Tree

After making the back cut, you will remain with the holding wood, it must be even, if not the tree is likely to start falling prematurely. As you make the back cut, you should be on standby and ready to run as far as possible for the tree as it might change direction due to external factors such as wind.

Contact us today for professional and affordable tree removal Wilmington service today. We have a team of experts who have vast experience as well as modern tree cutting equipment. No matter the size of the tree we can help get rid of it safely.

Smart Ways of Preventing Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the new epidemic diseases that is currently spreading like bush fire all across the globe. Modern lifestyle habits are the leading causes of the many cases reported. This is a medical condition whereby a patient has high blood pressure. Stroke, kidney disease, and heart attack are some of the diseases that patients suffering from this ailment are highly susceptible. While it is barely impossible to take full control of blood pressure, embracing healthy lifestyle habits can prevent this condition.


Read on to learn ways of preventing high blood pressure without breaking the bank.

Watch your Body Weight

Excess body weight is the primary cause of this condition according to a recent study conducted by World Health Organization. People are overweight should come up with ways of cutting back the weight to the recommended level. Taking part in physical exercises such as running, weight training, and swimming can help lose weight by increases the metabolic rate, that is, the rate at which stored fat is converted into energy.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Eating plenty of healthy foods will go a long way to ensuring that blood pressure stays in check. Vegetables and fruits that are packed with potassium will not only enhance the immune system but also maintain optimal metabolism. Cut back intake of foods that have a high calorific value, fat, and sugar, as most are converted into fat and stored along the blood vessels leading to a significant increase in blood pressure.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Unknown to most people is that alcohol has a negative impact on blood pressure. This is because most are packed with calories, which if not utilized are stored in the body.

Take Part in Physical Exercises

Get active to live a hypertension free life. There is no shortage of physical exercises that one can take part in twice or thrice per day. The more exercises one does, the better, but even simple activities such as walking to work instead of taking the bus will go a long way to reducing the risk of this disease. During the initial stages, participate in moderate exercises for 20-30 minutes at least twice per week to get the body ample time to be acquainted with the exercises. Note that taking part in high-intensity exercises the first weeks can lead to injuries.

Reduce Intake of Salt

Studies have proved that maintain a low sodium diet helps to moderate blood pressure. Consumption of foods packed sodium will increase blood pressure significantly. Avoiding processed foods and those foods with high sodium content will cut back salt intake.

Clearly, it is possible to prevent hypertension by making life-changing decisions gradually. Virtually all the proposed tips are easy to apply and inexpensive.


Questions to Ask a Tree Service Company during the Hiring Process

Before hiring a tree service company, there are some questions that you need to ask to get a clear perspective of the kind of services to be offered. First, it is important to point out that tree service companies specialize in providing tree removal, pruning, maintenance, and planting services.

Let us proceed and look at the most crucial questions that you should never forget to ask.

Does your Current Insurance Policy Cover Clients?

An unforeseen occurrence can occur during tree removal. For instance, one branch can land on your roof leading to massive destruction of the roofing material. It can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair your roof not to mention leave your home vulnerable to water damage if the incident occurs during the rainy season. Hiring a company whose insurance policy covers clients from such eventualities will save you time and money that you would have spent on the repairs.

How long have you been in Business?

More often than not, companies that have been operating for more than five years have the skills and experience required to offer a wide array of services. The answer provided to this question will help you to know if the company is suitable or not. Go a step further and carry out a background research to get a clear picture of their experience.

Have you handled a Similar Project Before?

Your landscape is one of the most important parts of your home, so you need not leave anything to chance. If you are looking for a company to remove a tree from your landscape, you need to be sure that they can do the task properly. Based on this fact, it is wise to choose a company that has handled a similar project in the past to get the best service.

Are you a Member of any Professional Body?

There are governmental and non-governmental organizations that comprise of professional tree service companies and personnel. You need legal accreditation and a unique set of skills to become a  member of such a professional body such as International Society of Arboriculture and Tree Care Industry Association. Choose a company that is a member of a professional body to be on the safe side.

Are you Legally Accredited?

For a company to be allowed to offer tree service, it needs to get legal accreditation from the established regulatory body. The license is one of the documents that you can request to see to know if the company is accredited before you contract them. Avoid wasting your hard earned money by steering clear of unlicensed businesses and personnel.

How will the Job be Done and What Equipment with you Use?

Of course, you do not want an enormous power equipment driving over your flowerbeds and lawn causing unnecessary collateral damage. Modern equipment has a compact design and are efficient in removing trees without compromising the quality of the landscape. However, if the equipment has to cut across your lawn, make sure that the company knows the precise location of your sprinkler head and any other object that may get damaged during service delivery.

How long with the Project Take?

The ideal company will give you an estimate to help you plan. The estimate should be realistic and in line with your ideas. For example, if you intend to hold an outdoor event, the company should be able to get the job done before the big day.

How much will the Entire Service Cost?

The company should be able to generate a quote to help you make the necessary financial plans. Compare and contrast the quotes provided by different companies to choose that is affordable.

These are some of the main questions that you should ask to get a professional Macon tree service company. Take the time to evaluate the answers to make an informed decision and avert regrets down the road.

Success Leaves Clues


Do what they did, and you will get what they got. This is true about accomplishing anything you want to accomplish. Whether your dream is to become a great chef, world class athlete, a successful and well respected business man/woman, the best math teacher in your state, there is most likely someone who has been there and done that. If we look at the careers of men such as, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning , Andrew Luck, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Steph Curry, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Justin Beiber, we would see one thing in common. We would see that they followed a proven system. By plugging in to a system, and by mimicking certain success habits persistantly, they eventually reached to door of success.

Success leaves clues.This sounds pretty logical correct? It’s not much of a far reaching statement agreed? There are clues that will lead you to the reason why someone or something succeeded or failed. By following one of the two paths, you will end up at one of two distinations. Growing up LeBron James wanted his basketball Skills and knowledge to mirror that  of Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. He studied the way these two Legends in the game of basketball prepared for games, the way they led their teams, and the way they played with their teammates. One of the best ways to learn anything is by observation. We can call this monkey see monkey do. Raise 2 babies in two separate environments, they will observe what hey are exposed to. Those observations become a model of what to do. Unfortunately,  if the child is exposed to nothing but failure type habits, he or she will face the inevitable failure. On the contrary, a child exposed to success type habits has a very good chance of facing the positive consequences of these habits. The consequences being success of course.

What are trying to accomplish? What are your goals and ambitions?Wait… I suppose the first question is do you have any goals and ambitions? Do you know what you want? See.. Success for sure leaves foot prints for those who might want to follow, but you must choose what foot prints to follow. Set your mind on exactly what it is that it is you want. Make sure it is some bring that excites you, something that you can get lost in. That one thing that before you realize it hours have passed and you still want to keep going. Know what you want, and get a strong  desire to accomplish. After that, find someone who as done it and learn from them. Learn from their successes, but maybe more importantly, learn from their failures. This will put a spotlight on things to avoid, and it will also show you how to deal with adversity. Let’s be real, you can’t make 100% of the shots you take in life. It’s a numbers game. You are bound to shoot a few air balls here and there. The key though is to keep throwing those shots up. As long as you are doing the right things consistently, eventually all your labor will bear you fruits. Fruits that can possibly feed you and you family for years to come.

Next time someone asks you hey “what do you think the secret to success is?” You can confidently tell them, Well, you have to find someone who has done what you want to do, and someone who has been where you are, and where you want  go. You might get sn interesting look out of the unsuspecting individual. Why? Most people don’t know what they want, so how can they know how to get what they want if they don’t even know it is that they want? Food for thought.